Rebar benders are vital to a range of design projects. Whether you’re a novice builder or not, you’ll need them by your side. Before you get a hold of one, you’ll need our article. We’ll be going through a range of things you have to consider before your purchase. So, read ahead.

Will it be Temporary?

You don’t have to buy a rebar bender. There are enough and more of them on the market which is why you could rent one if you wanted to. By renting one, you’ll be saving the most money. That being said, buying a rebar bender is a good investment as they can get pretty expensive.

When you look at places that sell the benders, you’ll usually see them offering ones for rent as well.

Renting one but using it for a range of projects isn’t the best, you might have to buy the bender as the chances of you scuffing it up are high.

Will it be Portable?

If you’re thinking about using the bender for a range of projects, you’ll have to get one that is portable. This will allow you to bend metal in a range of spaces. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a stationary bender. Stationary benders aren’t the best as they’re mounted on a surface, such as a truck bed. As you can imagine, this makes it inconvenient to use if you’re going to bend metal outside of your work space.

Will it be Hydraulic?

Hydraulic and manual benders are available. The difference between the two is that Hydraulic benders are much more powerful. This allows them to bend metal that is over 1 inch thick. Although great and all, hydraulic rebar benders are very heavy duty. If you’re not experienced, it can be dangerous to use.

Not only are they tough to use, hydraulic rebar benders are expensive when compared to their manual counterparts. This is why you’re better off purchasing a manual bender as it gets the job done for most home projects and most importantly, does not cost you much.


Whether you’re buying stirrup benders or not, you need to have a budget in mind. This will help you make note of the above points while not breaking bank. Depending on what brand you’re getting it from, its price would differ, so keep this in mind.

How Big is the Bender?

Rebar benders come in a range of sizes. Broadly, you could place them into either ‘small’ or ‘large’. Small benders may not be for you as you don’t get ample bending power. If you consider larger ones, they provide more horse power, but they’re not as efficient as their smaller counterparts.

Depending on the tensile strength of the material you’re bending, you’ll need to get a bender that is appropriate in size as otherwise; you won’t be able to bend it.


Before you buy the bender, you need to use it in person. This would let you know how comfortable it is to use. As it’s a heavy-duty machine, this is important.

Making note of what we discussed, it’s easy to see there is a range of things to consider before buying a rebar bender of any sort.