So your brand has finally developed an app. The next step is promoting the app, which can be just as hard as developing the app. Your aim should be to make the app highly discoverable and well-known among the target audience. In 2018, each app store features millions of apps, some of which are similar in content. Considering the competitive environment, here are several ways to promote your app in 2018:

1.    Optimise the App for App Stores

Just like for websites, SEO can be performed in the app stores as well. The app store acts as the mini search engine for all the apps available for an operating system. So app store optimisation, often called ASO, is really the SEO for apps. It’s a great way to make your app more discoverable in the app stores. There are several ways to perform ASO. You can start with the name of the app. It should be unique and hopefully coupled with a highly targeted keyword or two to increase discoverability. The app description could also use some keyword optimisation. Getting good ratings and reviews is one of the best ways to do ASO. ASO can be hard to grasp because it isn’t exactly like SEO. If that’s the case, consider hiring professional app developers and marketers, such as the reputed

2.    Create a Separate Landing Page for the App

When the app is initially launched, expect that the first traffic would come from the web, rather than from mobile searches or the app store. Therefore, create a new landing page for the app, optimised with highly targeted keywords. The landing page should have strong call-to-action buttons. It’s also highly recommended to create a subscribe button. If the app is about to be launched, the landing page can act as a teaser and attract beta testers. This is a good way to create buzz around your app and generate interested users.

3.    Make a Video Trailer

Instead of trying to attract users with text ads, create a video trailer, like for a movie but in a simpler format. A short video trailer that loads quickly on a phone or a browser will be more appealing to users who want to know what the app is all about. Casually interested users may not sit down and read the app page. A video trailer is a great way to quickly introduce features of the app. Keep in mind that a trailer for an app is slightly different from an app demo. Demos are usually longer and attracts traffic from users who are highly likely to download the app. The app trailer gets users interested in the product so they would like to know more about it.

4.    Promote the App in Tech Blogs and Publications

If your app can get some media coverage, it would be the best marketing your brand can get. Attracting media coverage can be tough for most apps. However, there are always tech blogs. Tech bloggers may cover your app out of genuine interest or in return for a free download or usage of the app. Some bloggers may write sponsored posts, for which the company will have to pay. In any case, it’s extremely worthwhile to promote your app on tech blogs with considerable followings. It will create significant brand awareness that will give your app a much-needed boost.

Use the above methods to start promoting your app. Don’t forget that the traffic should be converting to downloads.